Connecting Small Business to the Cloud

Synapses Technologies is committed to helping businesses most effectively use technology. By delivering information services from the cloud, your business can have the best technology available without large upfront costs and capital expenditures.

The cloud is simply a way to describe delivering computing resources through networks, public or private. The savings in time, money and real estate space from not having to build the infrastructure is only the start. Lost or stolen laptops are more easily replaced without the risk of losing valuable data when the data never was on it to begin with. Even loss and location closure due to natural disasters can’t stop your business with a cloud infrastructure.

You may have heard many different explanations of the cloud before. Usually being described as whatever someone is trying to sell. In reality, the cloud is built from many technologies that work together to deliver resources without having to know the details of the implementation. The core technologies that bind it all together are virtualization, smart network devices, and network storage.

How Synapses Technologies Can Help

With a decade of experience with the core technologies of cloud infrastructure to build solutions for Fortune 500 companies, we can help your businesses choose the services that make sense for you and architect a reliable solution.

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